Friday, August 25, 2006

Meet the Shmendrik

Here's the last Mojizu character I posted before knuckling down to WizardWorld preparations. Newly colored like an accident in the jams and jellies aisle and sporting a romantic bouquet, the Shmendrik hopes for the best but expects the worst; a homely but practical fellow. I had an older inked and Pantoned version of this creature sitting in my files for years. The original sketch version was part of the fallout from my long ago mini-comic “Muddy Buddy,” fondly remembered by nobody except Raf. Kaijumaniacs and otaku will note a certain resemblance to Olde Sludgie himself, Hedorah.

But going even further back, here’s a look at the inspiration for the Muddy Buddy cover, a tiny coloring book I picked up on Wentworth Street one New Years day in February while shopping for Moon Cakes.

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