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Instant Toy Karma's Gonna Get You!

Coming up in just a few weeks is Toy Karma 2 • Art Inspired by Classic Japanese Toys —— and, thanks to the new trend in alphabetization, I'm at the head of the list! Thanks to Mark Nagata for making me a returning Toy Karmanaut!

Handing the mic to Mr. Kirby Kerr here:

What is Toy Karma? Well, in our case, it’s an art exhibit featuring artists expressing their love for classic Japanese toys. But it’s so much more than that. As Mark Nagata, founder of Max Toy Company and curator of this exhibit explains on his blog, it’s the idea that if you’re honest in your dealings that one toy that you’ve always dreamed of getting will eventually come to you. For many serious toy collectors it’s a guideline, a mantra and yes, even a lifestyle. This exhibit pays homage to the mysterious force and power that toys have over us.

Toy Karma, the exhibit, is held every other year at Rotofugi Gallery, Chicago. The first Toy Karma exhibit was held in September 2007. Toy Karma 2 (aka TKII) will be held at Rotofugi Gallery September 5-20, 2009. We hope you can join us!

Toy Karma 2

Rotofugi Gallery

1955 W Chicago Ave • Chicago, IL

Opening Saturday, September 5 • 7pm-10pm

Music by dep

Exhibit continues through September 20

Alex again...

Here are the preview jpegs of my pieces.

"Tura Satana in Violent Planet" will be available in two editions: the "Classic" design with blue-green sky and a psychedelic, or "Hawaiian" edition featuring heavy doses of yellow, pink and orange. (Sorry, no Glow in Dark available. Maybe next time...) The prints are 13" x 19" giclees on Ultra Premium Matte 100% cotton rag stock. There will be only 25 signed and numbered copies of each edition —— don't miss this! And don't make me use so many exclamation marks!!!

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Ultra ジグソーパズル

These jigsaw puzzles were the very first Ultraman items in my
collection--I've had them since 1969. They came in little boxes
marked "20 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle." No manufacturer name or other
information, just a simple "Made in Japan" notice on the bottom.
I believe the art was very likely originally intended for menko
cards--possibly the larger variety as they are quite detailed.
Something that viewing these images on a monitor can't convey is
that they are 5 color prints--all have metallic gold borders
and pictorial areas. I've collected many more Ultraman pieces
since then and yet these remain some of my most treasured pieces.
O-tanoshimi ni.

Ultraman tai Kaiju Gabora

I have a small sized menko with the same image that I found
around the same time. Though the monsters were the main
attraction for me back in '69 (it was some years before I'd
learn the word "kaiju") I became fascinated by the humanoid
figure. Who was that glowing-eyed being with the mysterious grin?

Bemlar • Gavadon O-abare!!

Hassha! Baltan • Antlar o Taose!!

Ultraman tai Kaiju Gyango

Magma Taishi • Kaiju Aron • Kaiju Gappa (Mama Gappa!)

Batman and Robin! Kairyu Daikessen!

For most American fans, this final card is the mind-blower of
the set. Batman's costume colors are definitely "off-model" and
Robin has a pistol! I didn't realize that the helmeted shooters
were Ultraman's Science Patrol team members until I became
more steeped in Ultra Lore.