Saturday, August 26, 2006

The T Zone

The Studio Astromonster store, Emporio Astromonster, opened on July 25 under the aegis of Charlie Athanas' newest venture, the Burning City Webstore. I'm honored to be the first guest artist represented in the store; other notables to be joining soon. In addition to Charlie's own work featuring Ralph the Punk and theater posters for Clive Barker and William Gibson stage adaptations, my initial three designs are available as well. Choose from a variety of apparel—tee shirts, jerseys and such, babydolls, camisoles and spaghetti tees for the ladies. I'm already working away at new pieces for future releases. Featured now are "Astrobrain," "Super Giant," and the "Bat Lady," about whom, more will be posted soon.

Proceeds from the sales of Astromonster merchandise go to support the Foundation for Interspecies Affairs, United Planets Federation.

Make Mine Estrus

Dave Crider, head head-hunter at Estrus Records is having a big blowout sale on select 7 inch titles. These are 45 rpm vinyl records, folks, the kind they don’t hardly make no more. The illustration and packaging for Estrus releases are always a treat for the eye. Many are by the often imitated, never duplicated Mr. Art Chantry, his signature look essentially defining the Estrus Esthetique. There are however, a select few that were designed and executed by yours truly—absolutely the most fun I’ve ever had on any assignment, anywhere, anytime. I've loaded a few of the images below. Stock up on now on the last remaining copies of Flaming Sideburns “Jaguar Girls,” Galaxy Trio, both “Cocktails with Gravity Girl” and “Sheriff Boy-Ar-Dee,” Sugar Shack’s “Don’t Mean Shit to Me,” Supersnazz “Gotta Go Now” with cool 8 page comic insert, The Mants “I Smell Woman,” Switch Trout’s “Psychodestruct,” and the piece de resistance, Southern Culture on the Skids’ “Santo Swings,” a super-deluxe double 7” with full color insert cards of the band, luchadores El Santo, Blue Demon and Mil Mascaras, and six sinister Mexican Movie Monsters. I’ve seen these go for $35 to $50 on eBay! Order now from Estrus at a much better price.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Meet the Shmendrik

Here's the last Mojizu character I posted before knuckling down to WizardWorld preparations. Newly colored like an accident in the jams and jellies aisle and sporting a romantic bouquet, the Shmendrik hopes for the best but expects the worst; a homely but practical fellow. I had an older inked and Pantoned version of this creature sitting in my files for years. The original sketch version was part of the fallout from my long ago mini-comic “Muddy Buddy,” fondly remembered by nobody except Raf. Kaijumaniacs and otaku will note a certain resemblance to Olde Sludgie himself, Hedorah.

But going even further back, here’s a look at the inspiration for the Muddy Buddy cover, a tiny coloring book I picked up on Wentworth Street one New Years day in February while shopping for Moon Cakes.