Saturday, July 08, 2006

Got my Moji working

I discovered Mojizu by way of an ad on the Drawn blog. Mojizu declares itself to be "a contemporary character design community," which, I suppose, is a fancy way of saying "crazy critter farm for artists." I couldn't find any explanation of how they came up with the name "mojizu" on their "About" page though my guess would be they had in mind the Japanese word "moji" which means character (actually in the sense of an alphabetical character; a letter) plus "zu" meaning a drawing, illustration or diagram, thus equaling "character drawing." Is it possible the powers that be at Mojizu concocted a Japanese neologism or is my reverse translation just a wishful propinquity?

At any rate this seemed like an ideal networking op as well as a place to showcase the multitude of loony lifeforms that inhabit Chez Astromonster. I'm registered as "ultralex," which is my character name for — me. I've posted one new critter, sorry, "moji," in each of the last three days. I have a couple more waiting in the wings that should be up soon. I know Charlie wants me to get back to more serious work too so I'll be updating that soon on this space.

Go check out Mojizu for hundreds of characters from designers and artists all over the world. See below for a peek at my new characters.

This is a kappa, a cute one at that — kappa these days are invariably cute. For the lowdown on the dark nature and possible origins of the kappa, go to the entry on Mark Schumacher's excellent Japanese Buddhist Statuary site.

Booska! It's surprising how little official Booska info there is on the net. Until I find something better this Wikipedia item will have to do. By the way, though Booska is a "kaiju," according to the kanji he's not a "mysterious beast," but rather a "delightful beast." Scholars, take note.

This critter, newly named "IcthyIck," was excerpted from a cover I did for the dear departed Bimbobs', "You Snooze, You Lose" CD.

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Ray Frenden said...

Moji rising?

I've seen that site before but never got around to contributing. Much like Threadless.