Thursday, June 30, 2011

Garakutagigas...Countdown to Birth

The test shots are here. Behold, Garakutagigas—naked came he into our world. Paint planning is in the works. Preorder announcement soon! Astromonster Garakutagigas brings the heat this summer.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Atelier G-1 X Astromonster Garakutagigas — First Color version

Okuda-san has posted a series of shots of Garakutagigas with a paint job that references the Kaiju Comrades 2 color print that started it all.

Astromonster Series Vol. 1 "Scrap Metal Destruction Monster Garakutagigas"
Sofubi test shot is expected to rise to much this weekend. Color version in early July the first phase pre-sale and if you can think. Sales method works, 7/1 SHOP start at the reservation. The tentative price is ¥9800.

Wonder Festival will be selling different versions of the goggles as in the early illustration.
Is close to the first color illustrations, is now quite flashy colors and usage of airbrush and brush painting. It looks like the parrot that lives in the tropics.

(Top to bottom: First release, Streamline Goggles; middle row: WonderFest release, Original Goggles; bottom row: side view, back 

Update from Astromonster:
Preorder announcement coming soon. There will be 10 each of two new color versions this summer from Astromonster. Then in the fall, the alternate eye sculpt will go on sale at Wonder Festival. The Astromonster editions for US sales will always have colorways different than the Atelier G-1 editions. Ballpark price for the US will be $125.

Astromonstor シリーズVol,1
「くず鉄破壊大怪獣 ガラクタギガス」



Friday, June 10, 2011

Ultra Seven Makes Dreams Come True

Doctor becomes space superhero / Astronaut Furukawa had childhood dream of emulating Ultra Seven

Tatsuya Kimura / Yomiuri Shimbun Staff Writer
BAIKONUR, Kazakhstan—Flying into space like the superhero Ultra Seven. It was a childhood daydream of Satoshi Furukawa, today a 47-year-old surgeon-cum-astronaut. He made this dream come true Wednesday after waiting for 12 years, when the Soyuz spacecraft carrying him and two others was launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, bound for the International Space Station.
Family, friends and acquaintances in his hometown and at the launch base cheered at his successful flight and wished him fruitful days at the ISS.
“When he was a child, he always talked about Ultra Seven,” his mother, Hiroko Furukawa, 74, recalled while watching the launch at the base.
“Ultra Seven” is one of Tsuburaya Productions Co.’s famed “Ultra” science fiction TV series. “Ultra Seven” was the third series after “Ultra Q” and “Ultraman.” Ultra Seven, the title character, is a superhero from the imaginary Nebula M-78.
read more at Yomiuri Shimbun      illustration found at deroli

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Come Together

These are the wax castings for Garakutagigas which go into the making of iron molds. Molten metal. . .