Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Crazy for Coin

Kikai? KANEGON ni natteshimatta shonen!

Wonderfully Strange? The Boy that Became KANEGON!

"Kaneo Kaneda was a boy who loved money very much." Japanese youth gets his Aesop-like comeuppance pursuing the capitalist dream. My favorite of all the Ultra Q episodes.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

SUPERDOG(underdog) revisited

Went by the gallery yesterday with Bill on the way to buy 20 pounds of coffee, an average week's supply for Mr. G. Please enjoy these additional photos until we get copies of the good ones from the opening night.

The Great Wall of Wald. Note the red dots on the labels. We like red dots...


Jeez...I've gotta work on my gut. Photo by Mister Bill.

Here's gallery owner Diane Tanios herself with yet another superdog.

Lake Magazine shutter ace Bruce Bevers lines up the usual suspects for a photo feature.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Today is 14 days since the sweltering opening night soiree that is "SUPERDOG/underdog Knuckle-Opera for the Socially Challenged" at the Diane Tanios Gallery. I should have photos soon by shutter ace Christopher Santiago who tirelessly documented every sweat-drenched moment of this historic event.

Thanks to Caitlin McKay and Tony Akins for the photo below,"Genuflecting Gaijin Generates Giant Gorgonoid Graphic."

Read all about it here from Reuters.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

All in the Family

In our efforts to serve business clients throughout Chicago and beyond, we must mention the first in a series of ads done for world famous Best Vacuum, your Emporium Extraordinaire for Preeminent Purifiers and winner of two Consumer’s Digest “Best Buy” awards. Paul Teven is the Best proprietor (as well as the best brother-in-law) and approached me about creating something unique for a promotional campaign. You can read more at Paul's blog and a gosh-wow real business trade article here.

Anyone in possession of printed copies of the issue of PAWS in which the ad appears are encouraged to contact me —— all the vendors in our area were out of stock as soon as the ad appeared! Has this ad become an instant collectible? An urban artifact coveted by cognoscenti and perspicacious pet owners? Let the power of my adwork get results for YOU.

Friday, August 01, 2008

SDCC 2008 recovery phase

After a 15 hour wait for a standby ticket at Ohare I finally got to San Diego on Thursday night. Fuller report to follow. For now, the photos below will have to suffice.

Billed out and bound to go. After I got to the airport I was informed only TWO pieces of carry-on were allowed. Small piece went into big piece--not without damage.

Hordes line up to witness Alex lose the Eisner Award.

The stage at the awards ceremony prior to the event getting underway. I was too intimidated to keep shooting. I'll learn...

Funnyara had this amazing original painting for a 1970s tokusatsu hero LP spread by an unknown artist. Please keep sending me work so I can afford stuff like this. Thank you.