Sunday, September 18, 2011

Garakutagigas 2nd: Red Mercury — Order Info

SALES INFORMATION Soft vinyl Monster Garakutagigas 2nd 

A very limited number of Garakutagigas toys in RED vinyl have arrived and will be ready to ship in early October. The standard edition is called Red Mercury and will be painted in metallic green, silver, gold and purple. There will be only 15 pieces of the standard edition available, priced at $125 each,  one per customer please. In addition, 5 pieces will be painted as one-offs and available by lottery; the price is $250 each. 

Size: 8.5 inches vinyl color: Red

Limited production. $125.00 + postage

For the standard edition, please email with "Garakutagigas 2nd" in the subject header.  $125.00 + postage

For a chance at one of the 1-offs, please email with "Garakutagigas Lottery" in the subject header. $250.00 + postage. Lottery winners will be drawn Friday, Sept. 23 and notified by email.

Please supply the following in your email:

Telephone number
PayPal address

I will reply with an invoice of total including postage to your location.

Payment  by PayPal please.

Orders open Sept. 19, midnight • Payment deadline Sept. 30 • Shipments begin October 15

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Toy Karma 3 Garakutagigas Customs

Once all the Fire and Storm models from the first release were completed I found I had a few strays left over. And since I needed some pieces to put into Toy Karma 3 I got a chance to experiment with some variant color treatments. The Red model below is an advance sample; watch this blog for the announcement of Garakutagigas 2nd to be released in red vinyl. The other pieces are painted head to toe over the the first release gray vinyl. Check the Rotofugi blog to see Atelier G-1 sculptor Shigeki Okuda's two Garakutagigas customs.

Toy Karma 3 at Rotofugi

Mark Nagata and Yo Miyamoto, together once more with the unstoppable Whitney and Kirby Kerr, the Dynamic Duo that is Rotofugi, have another hit show that will shine as a beacon to vinyl madness. A very limited selection of highlights follow; you can view the entire show here. There were so many amazing pieces ---- my poor camera couldn't do justice to more than a few.

Pico Pico, Mecha School Girl, Custom Painted Resin Figure

Monster Worship Red Rub Greasebat flanked by Earth Altar Beasts

Karz Works / Kazumitsu Akamatsu, Baalzebub, Custom Painted Vinyl Figure

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Garakutagigas takes flight!

All the boxes have been shipped and are on their way to new homes. Garakutagigas is in flight right now from Chicago to New York, Massachusetts, California, Hawaii, Netherlands, Singapore, Taiwan and Japan. There were a number of glitches and delays getting this baby out the door. Thanks to everyone for your patience! I 'm confident  that all the challenges that slowed down this first release have been resolved and the future for my little junk monster looks bright...even metallic. Look for the announcement of the release of Garakutagigas 2nd--a new vinyl color and paint colorway---in the next few weeks.