Monday, June 04, 2007

He Cooks Up Monsters

Bill Gudmundson, Chicago’s own Resin Chef, connoisseur of transglobal teratoids, in a rare moment of mirth in the midst of a hellish conflagration. How many “flabs and sedge-ments" in a Monster Island recipe? The Resin Chef knows!

Saddle Up, Buckaroos!

After much perspiration and holding-of-breath, I am proud to debut a peek at my latest comic coloring work.

So finish up that fried iguana sandwich and pony on up to your local Gummint Funnybook Emporium where you can trade your wampum for a shiny new Shaolin Cowboy number 7, written and drawed by the estimable Mr. Geof Darrow and colored by yours truly. The fine folks at Burlyman Entertainment will thank you, and I thank you.

It is a great honor for me to work alongside Geof Darrow and Spencer Lamm on this wildly popular, Eisner Award-winning series. I look forward to feedback — drop me a line here at the blog or in person at the conventions I’ll be attending this year, San Diego Comic-Con in July and Chicago’s Wizard World in August.