Monday, July 03, 2006

Tales of Fireworks and Rain

Fireworks displays always seem to get chased away
by the steamy early July rain.
But does the sudden influx of gunpowder and nitrites
into the atmosphere precipitate the rain?

Or does the Great Water-Calling Dragon of the Sky--

try to vanquish the Great Fire-Spitting Toad of the Earth?

Of course I love the smell of gunpowder in the evening.
It makes us feel...different. Don't tell me you don't inhale.


Ray Frenden said...

I found your site via Charlie's. I can tell by just the imagery of this post that you're a person whose aesthetic sensibility I can grok.

aleX wald said...

Thanks Ray, I grok that you grok my schlock.

Ray Frenden said...

Heh. Next time I'll progress from Heinlein to P.K. Dick catch phrases.

I saw your portfolio site. I really like the work. I've been drawing almost totally in brush and ink (or their digital equivalents). I'm just starting into color work. Real inspirational stuff.