Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Garakutagigas takes flight!

All the boxes have been shipped and are on their way to new homes. Garakutagigas is in flight right now from Chicago to New York, Massachusetts, California, Hawaii, Netherlands, Singapore, Taiwan and Japan. There were a number of glitches and delays getting this baby out the door. Thanks to everyone for your patience! I 'm confident  that all the challenges that slowed down this first release have been resolved and the future for my little junk monster looks bright...even metallic. Look for the announcement of the release of Garakutagigas 2nd--a new vinyl color and paint colorway---in the next few weeks.


geozilla ジーヨジラ said...

Got my shipping notice. Excited! Thanks, Alex!

geozilla ジーヨジラ said...

Oh yeah, add Michigan to your list of destinations. :)