Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Garakutagigas in process

I returned from San Diego Comic Con late Sunday night, totally exhausted. Monday, like clockwork, the shipment of unpainted gray Garakutagigas vinyls landed at Astromonster HQ in Chicago. Painting will proceed this week and continue as orders are filled. There are only 9 vinyls not yet spoken for in this first release---if you've been on the fence about ordering, don't wait! To all of you who ordered Storm or Fire, my sincere thanks! I'm very encouraged by your enthusiastic responses. I will post photos of the paints in progress after the weekend.

Sunday in Japan was Wonder Festival and Atelier G-1 sold  a short run of unpainted red Garakutagigas. I've requested an order of red vinyls too and waiting to learn from Mr. Okuda  how soon he can fulfill the next order.

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