Saturday, April 30, 2011

Atelier G-1 x Astromonster = GARAKUTAGIGAS!

The prototype figure of GARAKUTAGIGAS debuted at Super Festival 56 in Tokyo,
April 29, 2011. Sculpted by Okuda Shigeki for Atelier G-1, design by Alex Wald. 
Special thanks to Miyamoto Yo and Mark Nagata! Watch for the official Atelier G-1
release this summer at World Characters Convention in Tokyo!


Shonen King said...

That's really cool Alex!!!! Congrats!!! hmmmmm an Astromonster toyline.....I like the sound of that.

aleX wald said...

Thanks, Roy! This is very exciting for me--and there will be follow up releases "in the fullness of time."

Ralph Cosentino said...

This looks fantastic Alex!
I love the design!!!!!


aleX wald said...

Glad you think so, Ralph! Thanks!