Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Catcher Was a Spy

I’ve recently completed a set of illustrations for "The Double Life of Moe Berg," a feature documentary movie on Boston Red Sox catcher and Atomic Spy, Moe Berg. “Professor” Berg was a real character, a graduate of Princeton and Harvard who preferred playing baseball to practicing law. He claimed to speak 9 (or was it 13?) languages and was a popular guest on the radio quiz show "Information Please." The illustrations will appear within the context of old newspaper coverage on his exploits and will be intercut with archival photos, rare footage and interviews with Berg’s contemporaries. I’ll update when more is known about the film’s release.


Ray Frenden said...

Very nice; using the new Wacom! Photoshop, right?

Remind me to send you an accumulation of Photoshop brushes. Oh, and check out Manga Studio Ex 3.0 - really the best program I've found for lineart, but black and white work only, for the most part.

aleX wald said...

This peiece was actually collaged from 3 separate images I made for the forthcoming Moe Berg biodoc. Photoshop, natch, but each one started as a rough pencil drawing on letter paper. The large portrait element was rendered with the Photoshop "rough ink" brush which I'd never used before. I really liked the feel of this brush and look forward to working with it again.